Disclaimer: Haruka and Michiru, Nakago and Ryuuen and Saihitei and Houki, Squall, and Gourry all belong to their respective creators and companies. :B A branched prequel to All Creator, one of many. Read or not, s'your choice.

Gifts of the Oasis

Konan was a unique resort, almost a myth. Surrounded on all sides by tiding sands, scorching heat, and high cliffs, it was assumed to be more of a punishment than a famed paradise. Those who had returned from a visit spoke of waterfalls and exotic plants, but they were dismissed and labeled as hallucinators.

There was no way such a place existed, they thought

But it did, and it was no means a secret; you had to see it to believe it. A desert kingdom, carved from rock and dust, built up from nothing two hundred years ago. They were also the home to the world's only temple to Seiryuu, a forgotten god at the bottom of the oceans.

"It's all right. You're doing great, don't fight."

It seemed crazy. A desert town with a shrine to a water god, where water was needed for tributes and recognition. But where would the water come from, if this desert land was rumored to be covered in plants?

"You're almost done, Houki. Don't worry so much, it's nearly over with."

Either way, the town would only prosper more in the coming years, due to a choice the next king of Konan would make...

The cries of pain rattled throughout the stone fortress, as the young consort to the newest ruler of Konan gave birth to her first child. By Houki's side