Huge Ass Disclaimer: NONE of these characters belong to me. All characters who play main or supporting roles belong to someones who are more powerful that myself and would have my skin if they knew this is how I twist their poor, innocent franchises.

Well, phooie to them. ^_^; *gets sued imediately and is carted away to jail*

All anime, books, comics, cartoons, video games, and TV shows taken suject from and characters borrowed are their respective owners and creators. Never would I claim them as my own. I do, however, lay sole claim to the character known as The One With No Name. He, in fact, does have a name, and is me, Luna Tiger.

This world is of pure, unadulterated fantasy. It comes from no particular setting except the one in my mind, and a possible combinations of other worlds. It lays no claim to one particular dimension.

As for warnings, this story is littered with romance of all kinds: hetero (m/f), slash (m/m), femslash (m/f), and possible inter-species/racial couplings. If you have qualms with any one of those, please, discontinue reading and don't flame. I'm writing this, not you.

Also miscellaneous warnings: violence, naughty language, evilness, quests, side quests, magic, dragons, fire, love triangles, ghosts, demons, incest, big-breasted women, wars, fur, half humans, Xelloss, roses, tails, scales, elves, moogles, cute little fuzzy creatures, insanity, old men, perverts, gods, /quarrelling/ gods, quarrelling /family members/, and the sexiest couple in the whole damn universe. ... ^_~ You can decide that last one on your own.

Author's Note: Since Daisuke and Miyako /are/ the major main characters, that's the reason why this story has been put in the Digimon section, but that doesn't mean all the chapters will be focused on just them. *shrug* Fair warning, I guess.

Author's Note 2: I hate having to choose between japanese and english names and arrangement of surname and personal name. So, regrettably, there will be two types of /humans/ (including Changlings, Draconians, and those of the Brood): modenns (westernized) and foleigns (easternized) [they will be specified, unless blaringly obvious]. Other species of classified beings have their own name system, so... bare with me, yah?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. If you have any complaints, do hesitate to point out. If you have any flames, don't hesitate to burn yourself. If you have any compliments, then don't hesitate to get on your knees and beg to be in the presense of greatness!

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