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Updated: 10.04 2K5
I'm in the process of moving the site. =P BTW, Sentinel
Trinity was updated. Chapter five, boys and girls.

Updated: 8.28 2K5
Really bad me. I'm still writing, even after 11
months of silence. You can find me in various
places like here or here. And I'm on and AFF...
I'm around. Still writing. Might get /something/ up
one day.



I've given up the plans I've had, and simply
made this place into what I think is best.
Granted, I will be keeping my original Docks
project, which is just a revamped version of
the pairings thing, with a bit more organization.
That, and now Jaggy's the one with the faces.

>(_)<: Injustice! Where's my laywer?!

The boiling point, is me saying that hopefully
no more versions will be needed. That said, I'm
known to break a promise or two. Don't give it
much credit.

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Due to dying on me at some point past 08/21/02, with 7032 on the counter, I have hopefully gotten a better one, and started it at 7100 on 10/17/02, and because of the two month problem, I have an inaccurrate number. ...Dude, this sucks.

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Authoring Artistry Odds&Ends Exits